Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sportperson’s - Interesting Business Acumen

Can successful sportsperson be a successful business owner?
Yes…definitely…all the traits of a business-person are in their blood…..

Why they start business?
In most of the sportsperson’s mind, following question comes when he/she is starting his/her career because of different types of risk that’s existing:
  1. Whether I am good enough to represent India or state at an International level or National level?
  2. Will I make it large?
  3. Can I play for even for 5 years and earn a living for next 50 years?
  4. Whether my life span during my hay days will be injury-free so that I can have a long lasting career?
  5. Whether the system is clean so that they will select a performing guy like me for the events?

A common service-man may work for 33-40 years till he retires with all securities & pensions etc. But a sportsperson may have a successful specialized sports career, which is usually around 5 – 20 years. They want to fulfill their dreams & all the hard work they have done to enhance their skill/talent during the start/grooming phase, they will want financial security.

Following are some of the Prominent Examples:

Murali – World’s Highest Wicket Taker
Business: Biscuit Company

Sachin – World’s Highest Run Scorer
Business:  2 restaurants: Tendulkar's (Colaba, Mumbai) and Sachin's (Mulund, Mumbai).

Sourav Ganguly – Best Left-Handed Indian Batsman
Business: Multiplex Restaurant called 'Sourav's -- The Food Pavilion'

Prakash Padukone - First Indian to win ‘All England Championship’
Business: Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy

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